Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret


On the holiday of Sukkot, we build booths and use them to eat our meals. The symbolism of the structure draws upon the impermanence of the Israelites wandering through the dessert, the joy of a harvest festival, as well as a theology of viewing God as a source of protection.

The other ritual of sukkot is to collect four species: the etrog (it’s like a knobbly lemon), palm branches, willow, and myrtle, and put them together. The origins of this ritual are agricultural in nature, but many people interpret the action as bringing together different types of people into a single community.

At Har El, you can celebrate sukkot in a number of ways.

On Sunday, September 23rd, you can help us build our sukkah in the morning.

We will have services on Monday, September 24th at 10 am. After services, we will have a vegetarian potluck in the sukkah.

On Thursday, evening, the Sisterhood is having their opening event, and it’s open to the whole community.

On Friday, there will be another vegetarian potluck after services at 6pm.

Saturday services start at 10 am, and the kiddush will be in the Sukkah afterwards.

Saturday at 7, there will be a young professional event in the Sukkah starting at 7 pm.

On Sunday, the Hebrew school will include sukkot events, and we will have a program for young families. Please contact Rabbi Philip for more information.

On Monday, we will have Shemini Atzeret services at 10 am which will include Yizkor and the traditional chanting of Geshem.